To Whom This May Concern; A Suicide Note.

I want to say that I’m sorry but I’m not.
I got tired of ploughing through life everyday .
Pretending to be something I wasn’t.

I haven’t left my room in weeks and

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Am I Allowed To Dream of You?

Am I allowed to dream of you?
Holding hands and talking loud
When humans are asleep?

My back to the wall, legs crossed
Your arms around a pillow,
Talking about how our days went
And how we’re looking
Forward to the
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How To Love A Mother.

Death, cancer, short story, flash fiction

I am very scared.

I think Mother may soon leave us.

Dad, Titi and I went to the hospital today to see her. She looked very weak and she couldn’t talk to us. But when Titi asked her if she’d come home this weekend, she tried to smile. The sides of her Continue reading “How To Love A Mother.”

Leaving Home Behind.

So he left on Friday, and I couldn’t even get to say a proper goodbye.

It’s not like I’m not happy, I am. I am happy for him, happy that everything has turned out just the way he wanted them and that his efforts haven’t been in vain.

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Don’t Tell Me Anything : The Pessimist’s Creed.

Don’t tell me what to think
You have no right to
Don’t say I’ll be fine
You don’t even know what that means
Okay, maybe you do
I don’t care.

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