Love and The For Loop.

Do you understand me, then?

They’ll love you at first. Smooth flow of sweet, skin-deep talks that go into your head and nestle in the nape of your neck.

They’ll hold on to you at night while they sleep and stay still, like they just escaped from the eye of a storm and found home in your laps.

They’ll smash into your thighs, curse and say they’ve never zinged like that before. It would feel like your lower bodies knew each other in a past life.

They’ll run their tongue over your lower lip, draw a laboured breath and swear you’re the best thing that happened to the world since sliced bread.

Give it time.

And they’ll wake up one morning, tell you it’s not in them to stay and start putting one shirt after another into a box.

And they’ll book flight tickets to places that they’ve never mentioned and tell you they’re wandering souls and need to always be on the move.

And they’ll leave your messages on read. The blue tick will stare you in the face every night when you can’t sleep and dare you to stop being so clingy.

And they’ll plan their lives without you in it, tell their friends it didn’t work out and you were too hard to love. They need to breathe and being with you in one spot for too long makes them feel redundant.

They’ll say it was because you kept pressing the toothpaste tube from the middle. You used patterned bed sheets. You snored in your sleep and could not make Egusi even if your life depended on it. The gap between your thighs were not woman enough.


You pick up every piece of them they left behind and throw it in the bin. You delete pictures and discard memories. You put the pillow between your legs instead. You allow some random inebriated fellow at the club rub the insides of your thighs so you can feel less dead. You order food instead.

You meet another one next Saturday and the loop starts again.

Do you understand now?


  1. And there it goes with a sad ending yet the world is hasty in her judgement of the girl who finds an escape route with random guys. I think the world also has a role to play in betrayal. More grace to your ink Dhebs…..


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