How To Love A Mother.

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Tough Stuff

Leaving Home Behind.

So he left on Friday, and I couldn't even get to say a proper goodbye. It's not like I'm not happy, I am. I am happy for him, happy that everything has turned out just the way he wanted them and that his efforts haven't been in vain. But I am sad. What do you… Continue reading Leaving Home Behind.


I Wasn’t Built To Give Up.

Does my calmness annoy you? Does it bother you? The way I can be so calm In the face of trouble? I'm not sorry. I wasn't built to waver. Does my resilience bother you? Does it make you raise a brow? The way I pick myself back up Every single time I fall. The way… Continue reading I Wasn’t Built To Give Up.


Has Bibi Eaten?

He checked the watch on his left wrist. "Phew,  it's almost 8." He started  to put his laptop in his bag as he made to leave the office. He tried to keep his mind on the steering wheel. "I just hope she's fine", he muttered under his breath. The door wasn't locked when he got… Continue reading Has Bibi Eaten?


The One Who Didn’t Stay : A Sci-fi Story.

Dear Dee, I know this is no way to start a letter, but being forced to survive against all odds has probably destroyed every iota of courtesy that a letter like this demands. We were near perfect, you know, until I decided I wanted to be another Katnis Everdeen and wouldn't listen to anything else.… Continue reading The One Who Didn’t Stay : A Sci-fi Story.

Bookish Stuff

The 9-Questions Book Tag.

Hi guys! How are y'all doing? My friend, Omobola over at Book Lyf tagged me to answer some book related questions and that's what today's post is about. Shall we? 1Q. A book you started but never finished but want to finish. Ans: Ha. This is an easy one. It definitely has to be Eleanor… Continue reading The 9-Questions Book Tag.

Bookish Stuff

Book Review: The Demystification of Stephen – Amina Maikori.

Stephen Duru is a rich, well-behaved young Nigerian man, who doesn't seem to have a background. He appears to be the dream husband, a generous benefactor, a capable campaign manager and the only chance a wannabe artist needs to be a star, all rolled into one. He is the perfect gentleman. Or is he? The… Continue reading Book Review: The Demystification of Stephen – Amina Maikori.

Musings & Discussions

I Am Scared, You Know.

I am scared that I might actually be wasting away my youth. Settling for things, when I can do better. Accepting a fate that I'm capable of changing. Refusing to think happy thoughts and toying with my health. I am scared that I am relying on a degree I hope to get from a failed… Continue reading I Am Scared, You Know.

Bookish Stuff

Book Review: Lie To Me, Dan by Longrin Wetten.

Marylyn Zhasa is a psychology student studying at the Saro Wiwa University. She has a family who loves her and is an excellent student. What could possibly go wrong? Enter Daniel Kazeh, popularly called D-Man, (pronounced to rhyme with Demon) who wants to befriend her by all means. Then things start to happen really fast.… Continue reading Book Review: Lie To Me, Dan by Longrin Wetten.

Bookish Stuff

5 Authors That Need To Write Another Book.

Hi guys!! How are y'all doing? Today, I'll be telling y'all about the five authors that need to write another book  (in my opinion, of course). 5. Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie. Ahah. I've been holding this one in for way too long. How many years has it been since we read Americanah? Quite a while, huh?… Continue reading 5 Authors That Need To Write Another Book.