This Is How I Dance.

​I dance 

When I’m too sad to think

I plug my earphones into my phone 

And I dance

The tears streak down and I dance

I move my whole body in swift semi circles

I place one foot behind the other and tilt to the right

I sniff and I dance 

I stoop and move my shoulders to the afro beat

I muffle my tears with one mouth and I dance
I raise my head and I sway to the rhythm 

I can’t hear the words and the eye water doesn’t stop

I sway to the side and raise one leg
I put it back down and just nod to the beat
Then I sit, grateful for the erratic steps

That have bought me a few minutes 

And I go back to the sadness that lives under my skin.


Happy New Year, everyone. Hope y’all have a great one.



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