Today, I Let You Go.

So, today, I decide to let you go. 

I promise to not call or text. At 2am in the morning when all I want to hear is your voice, the way you speak when you’re unsure, I will close my eyes and try to sleep.

I promise to not wince when I walk past someone who smells just like you. At 4pm on a tiring day when all I want is to bask in the euphoria of your scent, I will close my eyes and try not to think.

I promise to not look again when I meet someone who looks like you. At 6pm on a Saturday evening when I have the urge to call the stranger back and say something meaningless just to get a second glance, I will quicken my pace and keep walking. 

I promise to not stay in touch. On the days I itch to send you a screenshot of something hilarious I find on Twitter, I’ll push the thought aside and try not to bother. 

I promise to not remember. On the days I just want to hear you laugh in that you-dunno-nothing way of yours and withdrawals would not let my mind rest.
On the days memories of us flood my head, invading it like screaming soldiers running into battle and all I have left are words we did not say.

On the days I sit under the stars alone and listen to the sound of my own heart beating in my chest. 

I promise to not think of the things that could have been.

So, today, I decide to let you go.

I decide to walk away from you as far as I can. I decide to never stop walking. 



What do you think?

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