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This Is How I Dance.

​I dance  When I'm too sad to think I plug my earphones into my phone  And I dance The tears streak down and I dance I move my whole body in swift semi circles I place one foot behind the other and tilt to the right I sniff and I dance  I stoop and move… Continue reading This Is How I Dance.

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I did something different. I listened to someone I've never seen, a person I've never hugged. I opened my door and windows for the first time in 3 days. I took a cold bath because when I woke up and looked in the mirror, I couldn't recognise the person I saw. I took out the… Continue reading Yesterday.

Tough Stuff

Skinny Shaming: Size Zero is Not Your Business.

No, I am not anorexic, Thank you very much. Yes, I am thin. No, don't tell me to eat more. Society says "Real men love curves... " I don't give a hoot what society says. My body was not made For real men to love. Real men are not that Section of the male human… Continue reading Skinny Shaming: Size Zero is Not Your Business.

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Because You Can’t Help Me.

No, I can't I can't tell you It's of no use You can't help me You cannot provide a light To this raging darkness in my head. No, I can't tell you How my heart is always heavy How nothing can make me happy Because you can't help me I can't tell you. I can't… Continue reading Because You Can’t Help Me.

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The Pyrrhic Victory : You Can Lose When You Win.

Have you ever done something you feel will make you happy and ended up more depressed than you were? Sometimes, we strive to be the best at some things. We put all our efforts into some things so much that we forget to reach for happiness. Most times, these things may not be activities, they… Continue reading The Pyrrhic Victory : You Can Lose When You Win.

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Why You Don’t Need Feminism

"A woman who seeks to be equal to a man has no ambition". The person who said that was terribly shortsighted. You don't need feminism. You know who does? *The women who are stoned for being raped, scared into silence and subjected to long torturous years of violent sexual/physical abuse. *The girl-child who is used… Continue reading Why You Don’t Need Feminism