Tiny Seeds of Society.

Hello, I'm Dele and I'm in my last year of junior secondary school in a public school in our area. I live in Ibadan with my parents and five siblings. Our family is quite a happy one ,although sometimes, we don't get enough of what we want. I always give a big portion of my… Continue reading Tiny Seeds of Society.


When My Sun Set.

SUNDAY.      Mum was sitting in the backseat with me as we drove back from the hospital, sobbing in a way that thawed at my heart. We’d just been told I had three more days to live.  I really wanted to cry, but I was too shocked to even move my lips. I took a… Continue reading When My Sun Set.

Musings & Discussions

7 Things An Awesome Friend Does.

1.  Loves You--- He just loves you! He doesn’t judge you one bit. Even when you have a really funny nose or eyes, he tells you they fit real good. He accepts you just the way you are and doesn’t want you to change for him. 2.   Motivates You--- He’ll give you 1001 reasons why… Continue reading 7 Things An Awesome Friend Does.


Of Fola and Spiralling Feelings.

We sat in the dark and the only thing that was on was the ceiling fan. For the first time, I wasn't fully clothed and did not feel weird about it. My head was on his chest. "Fola, how right is this? ", I asked.  He said nothing and caressed my ears. "Did you hear… Continue reading Of Fola and Spiralling Feelings.

Music & Movies

12 Songs I’m Currently Obsessed With.

So, I'm on break! (I know you're happy for me, thank you☺☺) And I've gotten some new songs that I've been jamming to, some are not so new and a bit are not the regular but I just feel like I should share them, incase someone shares my weird music taste. The songs are in… Continue reading 12 Songs I’m Currently Obsessed With.


Cold, Cold Prison Walls.

I touch the cold walls, to know how it feels to be cold for the last time. I hold my dish of the stale meal and stare at it for a while.  Because by tomorrow, this dish would be here and I would not. I sit, hold my head in both hands and sigh. There's… Continue reading Cold, Cold Prison Walls.