Am I Allowed To Dream of You?

Am I allowed to dream of you? Holding hands and talking loud When humans are asleep? My back to the wall, legs crossed Your arms around a pillow, Talking about how our days went And how we're looking Forward to the weekend. Am I allowed to think of you? As mine, belonging to me and… Continue reading Am I Allowed To Dream of You?

Tough Stuff

Don’t Tell Me Anything : The Pessimist’s Creed.

Don't tell me what to think You have no right to Don't say I'll be fine You don't even know what that means Okay, maybe you do I don't care. Don't tell me to be kind I don't want to be I want to be as cold as can be Nice is for the weak… Continue reading Don’t Tell Me Anything : The Pessimist’s Creed.

Musings & Discussions

I Am Scared, You Know.

I am scared that I might actually be wasting away my youth. Settling for things, when I can do better. Accepting a fate that I'm capable of changing. Refusing to think happy thoughts and toying with my health. I am scared that I am relying on a degree I hope to get from a failed… Continue reading I Am Scared, You Know.


Tiny Seeds of Society.

Hello, I'm Dele and I'm in my last year of junior secondary school in a public school in our area. I live in Ibadan with my parents and five siblings. Our family is quite a happy one ,although sometimes, we don't get enough of what we want. I always give a big portion of my… Continue reading Tiny Seeds of Society.