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This Is My Story.

This is my attempt, To take my life back after two decades, To hold my own hand in the dark and walk this path alone. To stop pouring myself into bodies     that are already full, To stop trying to hold hands with people whose palms are clenched into fists. This is my fling, To try… Continue reading This Is My Story.

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7 Things Someone Should Have Told Us.

Remember when we were kids? How we used to talk about how we'd grow up, go to college, get a great job, marry someone beautiful and be happy? Someone should have told us, you know. That the world is not all that it seems to be and we should not hope for too much. Someone… Continue reading 7 Things Someone Should Have Told Us.


Am I Allowed To Dream of You?

Am I allowed to dream of you? Holding hands and talking loud When humans are asleep? My back to the wall, legs crossed Your arms around a pillow, Talking about how our days went And how we're looking Forward to the weekend. Am I allowed to think of you? As mine, belonging to me and… Continue reading Am I Allowed To Dream of You?

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I Am Scared, You Know.

I am scared that I might actually be wasting away my youth. Settling for things, when I can do better. Accepting a fate that I'm capable of changing. Refusing to think happy thoughts and toying with my health. I am scared that I am relying on a degree I hope to get from a failed… Continue reading I Am Scared, You Know.

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You Don’t Get To Choose.

You don't get to choose. Which set of people You call family. The kind of people among which you grow. The ones who show you the How to take your first steps. You don't get to pick Which heartache you'll suffer Which hurts your heart Will battle against. You don't get to choose How tall… Continue reading You Don’t Get To Choose.

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A Note For Someone.

Hey you. The tall dark skinned one. Yes. You. I have not been able to say thank you. I'm grateful. I am. For every night you spend with me. Talking about weird funny lines from movies and animations. For every time you make me bare my teeth in sheer excitement, while I listen to the… Continue reading A Note For Someone.

Tough Stuff

Because You Can’t Help Me.

No, I can't I can't tell you It's of no use You can't help me You cannot provide a light To this raging darkness in my head. No, I can't tell you How my heart is always heavy How nothing can make me happy Because you can't help me I can't tell you. I can't… Continue reading Because You Can’t Help Me.

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7 Things An Awesome Friend Does.

1.  Loves You--- He just loves you! He doesn’t judge you one bit. Even when you have a really funny nose or eyes, he tells you they fit real good. He accepts you just the way you are and doesn’t want you to change for him. 2.   Motivates You--- He’ll give you 1001 reasons why… Continue reading 7 Things An Awesome Friend Does.