Hire Me.

Hi there !

Do you need a ghostwriter??

I’m Dorian and I can help you if:

  • you’re a creative entrepreneur with a vision that needs a strong voice.
  • you really need written content right now but you don’t want to write it yourself.
  • you already have written content that isn’t just connecting with your audience anymore.

I specialize in helping businesses, creative entrepreneurs authors thrive by writing suitable content tailored to their taste.

Don’t have authority in your industry?

Is your brand overall message muddled or boring?

Are you making few sales or getting less leads?

Are you losing touch with your audience?

Don’t be unduly bothered, these are quite common.

Bad news? These issues could be making you lose valuable businesses.

Good news is I can help.


That’s what I do.

Wondering why you should hire me?

Well, It’s because I will do a great deal of research that your project needs.

 I will give your brand a strong voice that will  ensure that your audience doesn’t get bored and go to the other tab without reading to the end and sharing your content.

I don’t believe in ineffective generic content full of supposed buzzwords.


Bottom line?

I can help you create unique content that wins your business more leads and make your project thrive.

You in? Send me a mail at thatgirldorian@gmail.com and let’s get talking about how your content creation strategies.