Leaving Home Behind.

So he left on Friday, and I couldn’t even get to say a proper goodbye.

It’s not like I’m not happy, I am. I am happy for him, happy that everything has turned out just the way he wanted them and that his efforts haven’t been in vain.

But I am sad. What do you do when your only friend, the one who comes to your house to keep you company, the one who sits beside you on the sofa and teases you about your glasses, the one who brings his shirt for you to try on and laugh at how you can mimic other people, is leaving the country?

Not for a year, got for two, but for more, something like six. What do you do?

Do you sit in a corner and wish that he shouldn’t leave? When you know that this is his lifelong dream? Do you smile and say you’ll be fine when you know quite well that you now have nobody else? Or do you just relish the excitement and hope that things don’t ever change?


You know, you read about friendships of people who have to leave each other : three friends who all want different things. One goes to study medicine in UI, another studies Law in ABU and the last one goes to study Medicine in Canada. You read about how they all come together after many years and they try to relive those moments.

You think that they are mere stories until your best friend tells you he’s leaving the country, and it slowly dawns on you : anything can happen to anyone.

The Yoruba people say that a bunch of 20 children cannot be together for 20 years.

You remember things like this and you understand, you sigh and you let things be.



  1. Leaving or being left behind is never easy, sometimes another may come along and fill the void. Sometimes the void can never be filled, in this case try having some fun for the while till you’re reunited together.


  2. Oh sorry he left… That’s somewhat my best moment where i get to think n focus on other amazing things i wanna do so i won’t miss anyone.. sure there will be times u will wish he was there but he wouldn’t be,so what? fuck tha shit!..


  3. You allow yourself to mourn the loss.
    And like all losses it doesn’t get better but easier to deal with, especially because the gods of technology are shining a light on you to stay connected.
    You cry and then remember every ounce of their presence.
    You smell their scent in the places they occupied.
    You stare at the things they love and you hate the differences in time.
    But most importantly, you never forget how much love you felt.
    It fills you with so much warmth, like a bear hug to your heart.
    And slowly it helps you cope.
    Sorry I got carried away 😂


  4. Ehyaa. I know it’s not that easy, cos am also a victim of such.

    But I know the only way is to be happy. Life keeps going, and I know dhebbie will come around soon.

    It’s for a while.


  5. Orrrh…😢…Whay you should do is relish the moments left. Make good memories and let life have its course. Indeed 20children can’t play together for 20years. I can totally relate


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