The One Who Didn’t Stay : A Sci-fi Story.

Dear Dee,

I know this is no way to start a letter, but being forced to survive against all odds has probably destroyed every iota of courtesy that a letter like this demands.

We were near
perfect, you know, until I decided I wanted to be another Katnis Everdeen and wouldn’t listen to anything else. I should have stayed. Oh God. I should. I should have looked back at you, into those deep eyes that seemed to have a glow of their own. How was I supposed to know that we were being tricked? I should have waited, when I thought I heard you sniff, trying to fight the tears back. But no, my pride wouldn’t let me.

I thought I could save us, Dee. I thought I could keep all of us safe,you, me and everyone else from the danger that was looming over the Kingdom. I wanted to do my part. I only needed courage or so I thought. I had joined the Special Corps before I knew the Government was going to use us for a special experiment to test survival in distant lands.

It’s so hard up here. I have never seen so many before die, Dee. Never. There are weird creatures everywhere, storms with sharp objects in them and the rain peels flesh right off our bones. I thought I was being brave. I should have listened when you said you suspected something was not right. I should have trusted your instincts and stayed.

I haven’t eaten in a while now and I know better than to stay in the open. I don’t even know what time it is. I managed to find an abandoned space bag for shelter. I can’t even sleep.. I try to close my eyes for five minutes, and I start to hear screams and shrieks of soldiers being ripped apart by aliens or the acidic rain. I don’t know if I can hold on for too long.


Do you miss me? Do you miss sitting on my bed and rambling about nothing? Do you miss the laughter and the feel of moist lips? Maybe you do. Do you miss playing acting hilarious court dramas and pretending to be Judge. I miss them. All of them. I miss teasing you about your cooking and tickling you till you start pleading. I miss the pure bliss of being truly happy. I miss you.

I’m sorry, Dee. I really am. I should have stayed back. If this was a regular night back at home, we’d probably be watching the stars, me nestled into your side. I shouldn’t have allowed my ego get into my head. All our plans, our hopes, I threw away. You probably hate me now and I perfectly understand.

I’m going to attach this letter to the direction finder you built for me. It is my last hope and I hope you get it. The screams are getting louder and I cab hear thuds. It’s only a matter of time.
I’m sorry Dee, for everything.

I’ll miss you,

This is my first attempt at writing a sci-fi piece. It’s an entry I wrote for Dancil Blog for the Just Survive series.
What do you think?



What do you think?

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