5 Authors That Need To Write Another Book.

Hi guys!!
How are y’all doing?

Today, I’ll be telling y’all about the five authors that need to write another book  (in my opinion, of course).

5. Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie.
Ahah. I’ve been holding this one in for way too long. How many years has it been since we read Americanah?
Quite a while, huh? I can’t wait for her to write another book. I just can’t.


4. Dan Brown.
He’s one of my favorites and the world knows it. I’d really love for him to pen another story involving a super-fine hero, (I wouldn’t mind a heroine this time) who goes on an adventure that’s full of codes, secret messages and more religious symboli



3. Khaled Houssenni.
Only a handful of authors can do what Khaled does with a book. His books are heartbreakingly beautiful and they are filled with powerful messages for the reader. It’ll really be cool if he writes another one.

2.  Dike Chukwumerije.
Dike is one of my favorite Nigerian writers and he’s just awesome. His book,  Uruchindere, gave me all the feels. I totally loved it. I follow Dike on social media and I read every single article he writes, which are very inspiring and entertaining. I watch his spoken words videos too. I’ve watch them so much that I can even recite his poems. I’d be so happy if he writes another one.

1. John Green.
Okay. Okay. This guys needs to write another book. John Green is probably the author who made me like Young Adult fiction. I adored TFIOS a lot and still do. It’ll be really cool if he springs a surprise and delights us with a book.



That’s it, guys.
Who are your favorite authors?
What author do you think needs to write another book?



  1. John Green definitely.
    I sure wish I could get new works from Hadley Chase.

    Buchi Emechetas ‘The Joys of Motherhood’ was a good read too and I wouldn’t mind reading another work from the mind that birthed that.


  2. Amen to Khaled Hosseini. I love his three books and keep wondering when we will get a fourth one. You described his books perfectly, all heartbreaking but beautifully reading. I also look forward to another book by Chima. I read Purple Hibiscus, Americanah and Half of a Yellow Sun. However, I haven’t read her short stories yet. I wouldn’t mind a new novel though.I have only read one book by John Green and Dan Brown. Great post!


    • You totally get it! Khaled writes so beautifully. I haven’t read her collection of short stories too and wouldn’t mind a new release.
      You should check Green’s other books out. Thanks for commenting! 😀😀👌


  3. Great post as always. I can’t wait to read Adichie’s novel too. And i’ll take it that, you’ve just recommended Khaled Houssenni’s work.


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