You Don’t Get To Choose.

You don’t get to choose.
Which set of people
You call family.
The kind of people

among which you grow.
The ones who show you the
How to take your first steps.

You don’t get to pick
Which heartache you’ll suffer
Which hurts your heart
Will battle against.

You don’t get to choose
How tall or short you’ll be
Whether you’ll be fair
Or have skin, the colour
Of rich chocolate.
Whether you’ll be African
Or Caucasian.
No you don’t.

You don’t get pick
Which person you
Hopelessly fall in love with.
Love is no respecter of
Persons and your heart
Chooses whoever it wants.
Whether you like it or not.

You don’t get to pick
Or choose a lot
Of things.
But there are some
Things you have
power over.
Your happiness, self love
And health are few
Among the things you can


You get to choose to be happy.
You get to pick the things
You consume and you get
To choose how you treat yourself.

Do it right.



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