Top 10 Books On My TBR List.

Hi there! Today, I’ll be writing about the top ten books I know I need to read before August bids us goodbye. (TBR means To Be Read, just so you know.)

The last time I checked my
Goodreads account, I had over a thousand books added to my TBR shelf, but these ten are the ones I really need to get to. In no particular order, they are:

1. Harry Potter and the Cursed Child – J.K Rowling
Everyone is talking about this book. It’s actually written in form of a script and follows the life of Harry Potter as a Dad to three children and husband to Ginny. And one of his sons is called Albus, (remember Dumbledore?)
I can’t wait to start reading my copy.

2. American Gods – Neil Gaiman.
I’ve wanted to read this for a long time. It’s about a man named Shadow, who just gets out of jail. He loses his wife and best friend to an accident and agrees to work for a strange man called Mr Wednesday. This book promises a great deal of creepy goodness, American myths and lots of symbolism.

3. Eleanor and Park – Rainbow Rowell
This is a story of two high school misfits who fall in love. I’ve read a bit of this, but I’m yet to finish it. A lot of my friends like it. I hope to read it this month.

4. The Lost Symbol – Dan Brown.
I automatically read anything Dan Brown writes. This one is a rich mixture of religious symbolism and cryptography. Brown never disappoints. I actually left my copy in school but my Dad was kind enough to let me borrow his.


5. Salem Falls – Jodi Picoult.
Everyone who knows me well enough knows I’m a sucker for this woman. I read everything she writes and this won’t be an exception. (I have six of her books now.)
This one is about a group of teenage girls who target the main guy with a very dreadful allegation. This book promises to be so good. Can’t wait!

6. November 9 – Colleen Hoover.
I saw this book all over Bookstagram a while ago and a lot of people really loved it. I hope I do too. It’s the only romance book on my list and I’m hoping I don’t get disappointed.

7. Room – Emma Donoghue
This book made headlines a while back. Told from the perspective of a five year old child who has spent all his life in one room with his mother, Room is a book that discusses the power of resilience and the bond between parent and child.

8. Run – Kody Keplinger
This is the only YA book on my list. It’s about two girls, Bo and Agnes who come from radically different families. The book explores sexuality,family and living with disability. I hope I like this one.


9. The Martian – Andy Weir.
I’m probably the only one who hasn’t read this book on bookstagram. It’s about a guy who gets stuck in Mars and how he survives. I’m not a big fan of sci-fi but this book comes highly recommend.

10. Under The Udala Trees – Chinelo Okparanta.
This book should be the only Nigerian book on LGBTQ issue (I’m not so sure), but I’m excited to read it. I’ve had it for a while now but just haven’t gotten to it yet. It’s a story woven around two young girls who fall in love during the Nigerian Civil War.

Well, there. These are the books that are at the top of my list this month. Have you are any of them? What book(s) do you want to read so bad this month?



  1. I see you’re a fan of Jodi Picoult!
    Room was so good, both in movie and book form.
    Havent read The Martian but loved the movie!
    Also, good choice with Under the Udala Trees. I loved it. There probably ARE other books set in Nigeria that deal explicitly with LGBT issues, but this is one of the most recent and prominent ones.


  2. Interesting taste you’ve got. I like Dan Brown too. I hope you succeed in reading all of ’em this month… Its quite a goal… its cool.


  3. I haven’t read any yet.. Lol.. Over here there is no standard book shop each time I ask they say it’s not available.. But I’ve seen and heard a lot about Jodi picoult… Dhebbie thumbs up..


  4. Read The Last Symbol and be enlightened. Even though Mal’akh was a villain, I loved him *cleans tears*! Why aren’t there any classics though?


  5. Though I haven’t re
    ad any of these books, I know it will be very interesting reading it. Wish to read….. Dhebbie thumbs up


  6. I have read Room and November 9 and I recommend both books.I have heard good things about the Dan Brown, Jodi and Elanor and Park. Great books you have here. Enjoy!


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