A Note For Someone.

Hey you.
The tall dark skinned one.
Yes. You.
I have not been able to say thank you.
I’m grateful. I am.

For every night you spend with me.
Talking about weird funny lines from movies and animations.

For every time you make me bare my teeth in sheer excitement, while I listen to the tempo of your voice when you do your random speeches.

For every time you touch my shoulder and whisper, “Hey. There’s no point”, when I’m about to go all mean on someone.


For every time you listen, and let me talk about the things I don’t tell anyone else.

For every time you show me you’re not taking anyone’s place, but creating a spot for yourself.

For every time you ask again to be sure, really sure, if I’m okay or not.

For every time you say you like my hair and insist on looking at it even when I’m hiding it under my cap. (You can touch it tho. I always feel your hand hovering behind my neck)

For every time you let me lean on you whenever I slept off. (I know about that too)

For every kind word, crazy joke, straight up weird speeches, and most especially you.

I can’t say it all at a time. But I know I haven’t thanked you yet. I have done it now.

PS : I’ll keep calling you what I call you, even when you don’t want me to.



  1. It’s that kinda special message to that special someone that almost everyone can relate to. รญย ยฝรญยฑย


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