15 Songs I Loved In July 2016

Hi guys!! I hope you have been fine. It’s been so long. My first blog post this August will be about the 15 songs I loved in July. Hope you like.

In no order in particular, they are :
1. Run Wild – Jon Bellion.

This song. Oh. This song. I actually love the two Bellion albums I have but I just have a thing for this one song. Go listen to Bellion. Now.

2. Take Me Home – Jess Glynee
This song makes my heart warm. So so warm. You’ll like it. Trust me.

3. Lost Boy – Ruth B.
This is a song about a girl who befriends Peter Pan. It has this magic feel about it and it’s really cool.

4. Omini Knowest – Waje
Waje is a Nigerian musician I really adore. Her voice is rich. And this song is my jam. The beats are awesome.

5. Kolewerk – Koker
Ohhhh! This song. Will get me into dancing anytime, any day. It’s a bit funny but I think it’s still cool.

6. Army of Angels – The Script
My friend recently re-introduced me to The Script and I’m in love. This is one of my favorite songs of his. It gives me all the feels.


7. In Common – Alicia Keys
Awwwh. I love this song. She performed it on The Voice and it was amazing. There’s something about Alicia that makes her so distinct.

8. Dear No one – Tori Kelly
I recently discovered this sweet songstress and I have been loving her songs. This one is about a song to a future lover. It’s a  very cute song.

9. Summertime Sadness – Lana Del Rey
We all love Lana Del Rey and this one is not new but I love it all the same.

10. Cheap Thrills – Sia
Yaaay! Go Sia! I love the concept of this song. I like the subtle way she sings about being non-materialistic. You can never go wrong with Sia.

11. Try Everything – Shakira
This is the the soundtrack of my new best Disney Movie Zootopia. I loved the movie and I love the song. It’s about going after one’s dreams and not giving up. The fact that Shakira sang it even makes it better.

12. Let It Go – James Bay
I saw this as a cover on YouTube and I can’t get enough. I’ve listened to three more covers and it gets better everytime.
You’re going to love this one.

13. Kindly Calm Me Down – Meghan Trainor
This is probably my best Meghan Trainor song. I’m not a big fan of her person but I could not resist the charm of this song. It’s just so sweet.

14. One Dance – Drake, Wizkid, Kyla
I will be honest about this song. I didn’t like it a lot at first until I listened to an acoustic cover of it and Lord.. I love..

15. Boulevard of Broken Dreams – Green Day
I first listened to this song when Maya performed it at The Voice Kids and I fell head over heels in love with it. It’s not so popular but it’s really good.

These are the songs I jammed to last month. Have you listened to any of them?
If you haven’t noticed, I adore covers a lot. Do you sometimes prefer covers to some original songs?

I’d love to know what you think.



  1. Yea most covers are really interesting than the original song itself.. Just like panda-by desiigner, vic o’s cover of the music is something else.. Yea so I find some covers fascinating..


  2. Hi debs, I believe they’re all cool songs since YOU like ’em. Although I’ve only heard no 14.😟 maybe some day I’ll hear d others.


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