Pairing is Not For Everybody.

No. Seriously.
Pairing is not necessary.
Friendship is not for everyone.

It’s not.

Stop forcing feelings that are

Stop chasing things that don’t want to stay.
You can’t fix anyone.


Don’t try to fit in.
It won’t hurt to be different.
Okay. Maybe a little.
But you’ll get used to it.

You need to understand.
To know.
That other people’s lives
Do not revolve around you.

If you’ve stopped meaning
Something to someone.
Don’t fret.
It’s not as bad as it always seems.
You’ll be fine



Close-knitt friendships are not
For everyone.
Nobody succeeds alone.
I know. It’s hard.

But give yourself a chance.
Be your own friend.
Go hard for you,
Because nobody can do it as
Hard as you can.
Look out for yourself.
As much as you can.
Love the person you are..

Try. Try really hard.

You’re a strange and beautiful
Something a lot of people
Don’t know how to love.



  1. I think it’s nice Darian.
    Many times, we don’t see the situation from the perspective of the person that feels suffocated by your forced feelings…


  2. True. I feel that our happiness should not be dependent on the sort of treatments we receive from others, but rather that sense of completeness and wellness from within. Good one.


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