Because You Can’t Help Me.

No, I can’t
I can’t tell you
It’s of no use
You can’t help me
You cannot provide a light
To this raging darkness in my head.


No, I can’t tell you
How my heart is always heavy
How nothing can make me happy
Because you can’t help me
I can’t tell you.

I can’t say it
I can’t
I can’t say how sad I am
How everyday makes it worse
How I just want to close my eyes forever
You can’t help me still
I can’t say it



I can’t explain
No, I can’t
Why I’m lost in my head all the time
Why these feelings won’t go away
Because you can’t help me
I can’t explain.

I am sorry.
I really am.
Because your arms have ceased
To give the comfort they used to
Because your words, kind as you intend
Them to be, make little sense to me
Because your love is not enough
And nothing you do moves me.

Allow me.
Allow me to drown
Allow me to fall, backwards.
Arms outstretched
To a peace I’m not even sure exists
Allow me to leave, you can’t help me
Let me go.



  1. I’m still too speechless but this is pure free-flowing beauty in words. *side eyes at her excuses of being busy and then slaying everytime….


  2. In the immortal words of Olamide Badoo

    “Ti o ba le help, no dey ask how far”


    That’s a beautiful piece Debs. It …resonates!
    Keep it up and keep em coming


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