15 Bookish Facts About Me.

Today,  I’m sharing 15 facts about me that pertain to books. I hope we have some in common.

1. I don’t like books in a series. For a reason that seems to elude me right now, I will choose
standalones over a series any day.

2. I’m a mood reader. Organised TBRs don’t just do it for me.

3. I love literary fiction but I read genre fiction as well. My favourite ones are African Literature, Mystery, Crime, Fantasy, YA (Young Adult ) and Thriller.


4. The books that got me into reading when I was much younger are the Pacesetter series and books by James Hadley Chase. (Not every time Harry Potter. LoL)

5. I started all over when I came to college and I’ve been able to add 10 books to my used-to-be-empty shelves. (Small, I know).

6. I like collecting action figures as decoration when I take pictures of books. Thanks to my fave person, I’ve got Bumblebee and Optimus Prime now. They are so cute.

7. I used to love reading eBooks but they bore me now. My phone is 5.9″ big and that should make me enjoy them more but paperbacks do it better for me.

8. I don’t write in my books. I don’t highlight either. If I see a quote I love, I’ll write it in my quote book. I like my books looking neat and new long after I’ve read them.

9. I’m not ashamed of my appetite for books. I’m so proud of it that my classmates take it upon themselves to get me books. See?


10. I DO NOT LEND MY BOOKS. Nope. I just don’t. It’s the reason I’m starting all over. I cannot just trust anyone anyone enough with my books.
(Errmmm.. Okay. Maybe just my sister)

11. I have never met any author but I’ve interacted with some very cool ones on Facebook and Twitter.
These people never come to my school. (Insert childish pout).

12. I have an autographed book from one of my favorite Nigerian poets. It wasn’t meant for me but my sweet friend, Gideon let me have it.

13. I read books in two languages : English and Yoruba. (Yaaaay. Go Dhebbie!!)

14. I have a thing for books that make me go “OMG! What on earth was that?” and the ones that make me cry. (I’m looking at you, Me Before You.)

15. I can go from being a miser to a benevolent human in seconds when it comes to buying books. Whenever I go to a bookstore, I practically lose control.

Do you like books like I do? What do we have have in common?  I’d really love to know.



  1. Omg. I do not lend books. Or draw in them. Or highlight them. It’s like blasphemous to me. Haha. But maybe that’s because I pretty much only read on my Kindle and keep my actual books on display. I don’t trust anyone. Asking to borrow one of my books would be like asking a baseball fan if you could play with his autographed Babe Ruth baseball. Nope. Just nope.


  2. I love reading bt mostly science books .. Cos it’s makes me whole… Bt as for novels particularly the lengthy ones… I don’t like it I prefer watching them on TV… Av watched few ones like… julius Cesar, the tempest, otello, Macbeth I think mostly Shakespeare’s novels.. Nice1 dhebbie… Thumbs up


  3. Yeah….
    Are we twins or what? Used to read African literature(my fave of course being Ngugi, Flora Nwapa and Sefi Atta) growing upon and then took a break and now I’m back fulltime what with authors like Chinelo Okparanta and Helen Oyeyemi and……


  4. I really liked this post! “I like books” is an understatement. I even ended up as an editor, LOL. None of my old classmates are surprised.

    I just got into book series; before then I was strictly into standalones. Karen Kingsbury got me :D.

    I’ve lost precious books to people who borrowed and never returned, so I’m wary now.

    When I step into a bookstore…I have to be physically restrained! Total kid in a candy store!

    I should do a post like this someday 🙂


  5. Hi Dorian! I like that you are “a mood reader,” and also that you have “a quote book”! – that sounds interesting to me. How long have you been keeping it? We have #15 in common – somehow I always justify a book purchase, and keep postponing the day when i will exercise more restraint!


    • Oh, thank you.
      I’ve had it for like 8 months now and it’s really a cool way to keep fictional memories.

      And as for the struggle of buying too many books, it happens even to the best of us. Hehe.
      Thank you for commenting.😀


  6. Just getting to read this now via your handle on Twitter. Nice post, I really got love for books, just that I’m a very lazy reader (compounded by lot of busyness), hoping to change that soon.. I read books in Yoruba and English languages too


  7. Oh, you may not remember d hobbies, you gave me a book to read on class and you were so mad when I marked the page I stopped by bending the edge, now I get y you were mad, I forgive you…lol, this is fayvar, we study law together in uniben


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