12 Songs I’m Currently Obsessed With.

So, I’m on break! (I know you’re happy for me, thank you☺☺)
And I’ve gotten some new songs that I’ve been jamming to, some are not so new and a bit are not the regular but I just feel like I should share them, incase someone shares my weird music taste.

The songs are
in no particular order tho;


1. Love Don’t Care by Simi: this is a beautiful song about how tribe and social status have nothing to do with love. Simi’s unique voice got me hooked from the first word. It’s an absolute beautiful song.
Fave Line = Girl, are you foolish? Shey banker don finish? Wetin you dey with Teacher?

2. Tours Les Memes by Stromae: This is a song I just discovered but it’s pretty old. It’s in French and it has this beautiful rhythm. (Please, don’t ask me what it means, I dunno. Hahaha.)
I just love the way it goes.

3. Lush Life by Zara Larsson : this is a regular feel good song that I love. I just love. The rhythm is just Bae.
Fave line = it was a crush
But I couldn’t, couldn’t get enough.

4. 7 Years Old by Lukas Graham : this one is new and it’s about life in stages. An yeah, Lukas Graham is a band. I told my friend, Kendra and she was like
“Wait. Lukas Graham is a band and The Weeknd is a person?  Perfect.”
Doesn’t stop me from playing the song repeatedly tho.

5. Eyes Shut by Years & Years: I’ve had this song for a while now and I love it morw everyday. You know that “saying ” that a song repeatedly played becomes boring” ? Wrooong!
Fave Line = throw your heart to me, let it fall and bit the ground, let it go ooohh.

6. Jealous by Labyrinth : this one.. Hmm. It’s about an estranged lover whose ex-other half finds love in the hands of another. You know that moment when someone thinks you wouldn’t be able to live without them and you give them a shock? Exactly.
You’ll love this song tho.
Fave Line = but I always thought you’d come back and tell me all you found was heartbreak and misery.

7. I Love Lagos by Olamide : this is a break from the norm but my close friends know I’m a closet Olamide fan. And this song?  I looooove. It’s basically about all the cool places and stuff in Lagos that’ll make a non-Lagosian love Lagos.
Fave Line : Fada Keresi lawon temi sha. (It’s Yoruba, hope you don’t mind).

8. Papaoutai by Stromae : How I love this  song! I first heard the cover by Pentatonix and I fell in love.  It’s another French song and the title loosely translates into “Where are you, Father? “. You should have seen the shock when I got to know Stromae was born to a Belgian mom and Rwandan dad. Oh mhenn.
You’ll love this one, trust me.

9. I’m Yours by Alessia Cara : well, this one is the type that is the true mind pickings of a Margaret Thatcher kind of girl who falls in love.
Fave line = some nerve you have, to break my lonely and tell me you want me.

10. Vertigo by Jason Derulo ft Jordin Sparks : this one. Hmm. It’s just the chorus that makes my eyes slowly close of their own accord. Enough said.
Fave line = You gimme vertigo. . Vertigo.
And yeah, vertigo means “A sensation of whirling and loss of balance, caused by looking down from a great height or by disease, affecting the inner ear”. (Just so you know ).

11. Hope Now by Addison Road : this is my Jesus jam.  It’s like balm to my soul. There’s just something about it that reassures me.
Fave Line : if everything comes down to love, then just what am I afraid of?

12. Love In The Dark by Adele : of course I love Adele and this song is just too profound. It’s about leaving a relationship that is doomed to fail.
Fave line = take your eyes off of me so I can leave, I’m far too ashamed to do it with you watching me.

Those are the 12 Songs I’ve been loving recently. Have you listened to any of them? I’d love to know what you think. Are you currently obsessing over any song? Lemme know too.



  1. I think i’d have to download one of ’em.. D current and top songs on my playlist are: Love yourself by Justin bieber, Andrew Allen’s Where did we go & Big girls cry by Sia


  2. I only prefer dat of Simi… She’s one of the best female vocal artist in Nigeria nd also dat of Jason derulo… Bt if I’d say… To me I tink am mostly obsessed with bestie ft don jazzy dprince nd baby fresh nd also the legendary artiste 2face now known as 2baba coded tinz ft phyno.. U guys u shud try downloading it.. The beat is something else!!!


  3. I love “love don’t care”by Simi. I listened to it just once and ah waz like oh me God, ur Dada gon’flog u girl. U’re African and Moma and dada words should be your mantra but c’Mon, it’s reality. we need to definitely move on and know love really dont care.
    I love Jonny Drille, wait for me. I think you listen to it. it may find a space to your top 10 Dorian. anyways, Thanks. Ama get the others. Muezik izz levee!


    • Hehehe!
      I feel you, Jossy.
      Love don’t give a hoot bout all those things. I’ve listened to Wait for Me and I loved it. That he is Nigerian is even more surprising.
      Thanks for commenting☺😊😊


  4. That’s a nice list dear, actually am not happy that I haven’t listened to any of them..
    The songs that blow my head now are: ‘when am gone’ by Eminem, ‘I need a doctor’ by Eminem, ‘driveway, Robot and full circle’ all by Miley Cyrus..
    What do you think?


  5. I have to comment on this one 🙂
    I love Lush Life and Years & Years and Lukas Graham and Jason Derulo and Stromae ❤ ❤ Good taste you have


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