Loiusa Clark; The Fictional Girl I Want To Meet.

People die. People die everyday. They close their eyes in eternal cold slumber and stay stiff. Forever. It is normal to lose someone who loved and lived life to the hands of death, but to watch one’s loved one choose death? That’s an entirely different ballgame.

I didn’t know a lot about euthanasia before I read Jojo Moye’s “Me Before You”. The dictionary defined it as “The practice of intentionally  and painlessly killing a human being or animal for humane reasons, especially in order to end great suffering or poor quality of life.”

The first time I got to know the meaning of the word, my eyes slanted unconsciously with slight irritation.  I could not just fathom why anyone would want to be injected to death or beg to be put to eternal rest.

Then, I read Me Before You  and the scales fell off my eyes. I still remember  vividly, how I hugged my phone to my chest, (I read it as an ebook) and had a good cry after I finished.

If there’s any fictional character I want to meet,it would definitely be Louisa Clark, the girl whose love was not enough.

If I ever meet Louisa, I wouldn’t say “Im sorry for your loss”, I wouldn’t even hold her hand, but I’ll tell her how strong I think she is. I would tell her how much her story wrecked me, how I felt like a part of me left when Will died, how I’m still scared to read “After You”, the sequel, and I don’t even know why.

Then, I would ask the questions that have thawed at my heart since I read their heartbreaking story. How do you feel? How exactly do you feel when you watch the one you love choose death over you? How do you cope when you realise that your love was never enough?  How does it feel to helplessly watch your loved one wither away like a dead plant?

To watch him,the one you were supposed to spend the rest of your life with, sign up for the solace that death offers for his wounds that your faithful love cannot heal.

The people I have lost are persons who didn’t see it coming.  People who were either cut short unexpectedly at the prime of their lives or people who went along the tides of old age-induced death. I haven’t lost anyone who wanted the doctor to end his life,who thought that death was a better option,someone who could not be saved. I don’t want to,either.

What do you think of euthanasia? 



  1. Euthanasia, euthanasia! Ah! To be frank, for me, when done for the right reason, it’s okay by me. I don’t see why someone should continue suffering with an incurable disease when there’s an option of lethal injection. But I can’t wish this for the one I love, I can’t wish this for myself, I can’t wish this for anyone.

    Moreover, people’s religion, background, their class, and other factors come to play in issues like this.


  2. The question of euthanasia was the last part, I think, of my study in Philosophy and Logic in my first year in school.

    Since then I have added ‘DNR’ to my list of acronyms and the probably never-ending debate surrounding mercy killings and angels of death.

    I do not know, really, what I think of euthanasia. There are two aspects of it, for me: my stand on it if it were I who was in need of the release death brings, and the other part, where it involves someone I care for, trapped in a body that brings them anguish and nothing else, with the decision of their next move in my hands.

    In both cases, I am never quite sure how I would react. I hope, pensively, that I may never have to find out.


  3. I work as a chaplain in a hospital and I see family members of the gravely sick begging to end the lifear of their sick ones…even the sick asking in disbelief. ..fada..can’t just you pray to your God to end this miserable life of mine…sometimes you wish you could as God for such for them..yet, death us not a final option.


  4. I don’t know what I think of it. (euthanasia). From a legal perspective, mercy killing is a crime. from a logical perspective though, it could be okay. well, now i am off to read “Me before you”.


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