Bent Not Broken.

I do not have a clear direction
I have no idea where  I’m heading
The road is rough
The path is tough
The skies are misty

I can’t feel the me I was
I don’t know what my essence is,
At least, not anymore.
I have fears and doubts
I have pains in my chest that I can’t explain


I am bent
My knees are weak
My eyes are teary
My heart is heavy
My mind is tired

My friend says I still have time
She says time takes time
I want to believe her
I really do
I want to have it all figured out
I want to get back on track

I want to try
I want to live
I want butterflies  to eternally
Flutter in my tummy
I want to find the me I lost

I will rise
I actually will
I will take my life in my hands
I will be brave
I will get back on my feet.

I am only bent
I am not broken.



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