We all aren’t the same, you know . Remember high school or in college even? Cool! You’ll probably be able to identify the following types of people I’ll be talking about below:
The Asshole —- oh Goodness! This person is the most annoying human ever! He bullies, annoys, steal your stuff, spread rumours about other classmates and

does all the bad stuffs you can ever think of! Seem familiar?

The Cute Couple—- Aha! These two are an inseparable  pair. They are so so perfect for each other and are the cynosure of all eyes all the time. I bet you know these ones.

The Goof—- this person is totally unapologetically foolish. He does and says the silliest things. I know someone like this, he always acts like he had once been abducted by some weird aliens.

The Jock—- oh! The sports guy! We all know our athlete friends. They are always getting medals for jumping, running, swimming, skating and all the other sporty words that end with –ing!

Prince Charming— that’s the cutest dude ever! Perfect stature, gait, character, clothes and perfect everything. All the girls drool when he says hi. He’s the dream guy. We all know people like that.

The Liar— oh my! This one has almost never said a truthful thing! She’s the one who’s got relations in all countries of the world. She’s also the one who’ll say something like: “I really don’t like the UK, London is such a finer country”. Oh, Yes Lord! We do know their type!

The Grumpy One—- this is Mr. Grumpy aka “ I wish this/that was better”. He is never satisfied with anything at all! He is always complaining about everything and anything. No matter how much other people complement some really awesome things, he always finds fault with them.

The Flirt—- aka “ Lil Miss Seductress”, she’ll bat eyelids at any cute or semi-cute dude she sees. She smiles extra easily and really can’t get her hands off guys. We all know someone like that.

The Loud Mouth—- oh, the blabbermouth. He talks all the time (especially about other people’s private issues). You probably  wouldn’t want to tell him anything you don’t want other people to know about because he’ll definitely rattle you out!

The Funny Man—- aka the class clown. Every single thing about him is just too hilarious for words. The funniest part is that he keeps a very straight face and yet sends your ribs your ribs cracking with laughter. He’s probably the funniest person you know.

The Dumbass—- hahaha! This is the only person you’ll regret tutoring. He asks the dumbest questions about what the teacher has just explained. Maths is his biggest problem! Sometimes, you wonder if he really has a brain.

The Lost One—- this is the person with the non-existent social life. He practically lives under a rock where the only thing he watches is Spongebob Squarepants. He’s always surprised at anything we say, even the oldest news.

The Innocent One—- oh, here comes the greenhorn! She doesn’t understand any of the silly slangs we use and is as gullible as anything you can think of. Aka Holy Mary, if you’re courageous to tell her you like her, she’ll definitely look puzzled and ask you why. LOL.

The Leader—- Aha! Little Mandela. He’s always at the forefront. We really have no choice but to do as he says because we admire him a lot. He always seems to know the right thing to say and has the brightest ideas, also called the Team Leader.

The Daddy’s Girl—- aka crybaby! Every little thing we say gets to her. She’s probably the one we all like to tease and the word “strong” isn’t in her dictionary at all. She can’t take a little joke and cries at the slightest provocation.

The Happy One—- this one is the person who is never sad. He’s always happy like he ain’t got any problems at all. Nothing in the world gets to him and he’s never bothered by anything  anyone says. His greatest weapons are his  smiles. We all know someone like this too.

These are the 16 I could come up with! I’d love to know what you think. What did I miss out?



  1. Where’s the mysterious one?… he walks into class with his ear phones, doesn’t talk to anyone but this particular group of people who he’s so free with. He would never utter a word in a class discussion…but when you get the chance to get close, you actually discover he’s a bubbling kind of person though with weird interests and actually cool.


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