What does it mean to be beautiful? How can you tell a beautiful person from an ugly one? Would you call the girl who is 6.1″, super curvy, has waist length hair, flawless skin and a nice face beautiful? Or would you tag the super smart, respectful, polite, hardworking, self-sufficient

and well-mannered girl beautiful?

     You know, beauty really lies in the eyes of the beholder. Someone who is very beautiful in your eyes would look really ordinary to another person. But generally speaking, we can always agree that a girl is pretty facially, curves or not.

     For me, beauty does not equal designer wears or a well made up face . It is beyond having the perfect figure or stature. It is more of an abstract concept.

     Some humans have beautiful souls, they radiate light. They have a strong will, a resilient spirit and a very great mind. Just by being with you, they make you see things in a really different way that beats your imagination. I tag these kind of people ‘beautiful’.

     I have never had a thing for good looks (when relating with people, I mean). Many people we see as plain or even ugly have the most charming souls, while the many peeps with the supermodel looks are mostly the “so-not-charming/boring” type.

     Looks can really be deceiving. I am naturally attracted to brainy and charming people anyways, because that is what beauty means to me. Your opinion may differ.



  1. It happens dat at tyms beauty deceives a lot of people.. D post is 100%correct.. Bt i no fit lie I luk beautiful girl.. Bt if she’s a dummy her beauty is nothing bt a piece of trash… Am I ryt???


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