This Is Why You’re on This Planet.

This is Planet Earth. Have you ever wondered why we’re here? Whether you believe in evolution, The Big Bang or God’s creation of man, the fact still remains: we’re here. On earth.


Well, I’m a stickler for the creation theory and I’ve always wondered why God put us here. I’ve heard many people say, “oh, we were created to give God praise.” I do not disagree but I think I have another idea.

You see, almost all religions have the “heaven-hell” theory which I deeply believe in. “Why?”, you may ask. But why not? Please, don’t tell me all these bad people won’t suffer for their terrible deeds! This same theory forms the basis for my own ideology.

God is super powerful, we all know. If he wanted, he could have just put all humans in heaven and let us enjoy being pure and saintly. But no, He didn’t and here we are.
Now, who knows, if He’d put everyone in heaven(not earth), there would have been some very bad people who are capable of doing bad and bad things alone who would have turned God’s haven into something the very opposite of pure.

So, the idea of earth was birthed. This planet would be a place where we all would display our characters and choose our eternal home. Now, don’t laugh. If God wanted, he could cleanse all our hearts in a second and whisk us all away to His abode but that’s not the way things are done.

We humans have been created with the ability to think and reason for ourselves. We have the power to choose every single action, thought or word. This is why we’re here. We’re here to make a choice. We’re here to decide.

I may be wrong but it’s a feasible idea. Do not forget to choose right anyways. I’d like to see comments on what you think.

Written by: Otuagomah Dhebbie Jhay



  1. The FACT that SAINTS/ANGELS could CONCEIVE EVIL is one which to me is UNIMAGINABLE. However, I can’t DISAGREE with it, because, as we know, LUCIFER was amongst the HEAVENLY HOSTS!

    Nice piece. I just wonder why you want to go into LAW and not just WRITE POEMS, MAKE MONEY and BE HAPPY.

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  2. Nice write up. Truth is we might never know why we are here. If there weren’t bad people, we wouldn’t know what makes up the concept bad, same for good people. I’ll say we are all cogs in a wheel, the good, the bad and the ugly, all making earth what it is.


  3. I believe we are here to make an impact. to live and not exist. to constitute a part of a larger machinery and die having served our turn. weird huh…


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