The Pyrrhic Victory : You Can Lose When You Win.

Have you ever done something you feel will make you happy and ended up more depressed than you were?

Sometimes, we strive to be the best at some things. We put all our efforts into some things so much that we forget to reach for happiness.

Most times, these things may not be activities, they may not be like trying to score an A on a test or get the best result in class, they may be likened to a state of mind. They may be something close to enslaving one’s mind and carrying out self-brainwashing.

A few months ago, I struggled with something like this. I wanted to be immune to pain. I wanted to practically shut down. I stopped being lively, stopped talking and began transforming into something I couldn’t recognise at all.

I had wanted to be immune to pain inflicted on me by people and to achieve that, I knew I had to be extremely cold. I did achieve my goal but it cost me a lot. I lost many of my friends, and I almost lost some of my very dear people too. But for one of the closest humans to me, I would have probably pushed away everyone I once claimed to love

He showed me that pain is part of life, and that its purpose it to make me stronger. Although I’m still a bit cold at times, I’ve loosened up real good and I’ve become more tolerant. I have stopped longing for “non-humanity”, and I have come to accept pain as a necessary evil we all must go through.

Not everyone you love will love you in return. Not everyone you trust is worthy of your trust. But not everyone lies and not everyone leaves. Putting your heart in hiding hurts you and not them. Don’t lose the best in you because of the worst in them.
Don’t lose your beautiful soul, hold on. It will be worth it.

Inspired by:
Nobody told me >> B.O.B
4 years old >> Chris Brown


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